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"You Are What You Decide is a concise book that distills complex ideas into a straightforward, highly readable framework." Sherm Bodner, President and Publisher, Gannett Central New York Media

"I found Sean Brady’s You Are What You Decide to be both useful and insightful...This book is an easy and enjoyable read that is packed full of practical ways to make better decisions.” Matthew J. Salanger, President & CEO, United Health Services

You Are What You Decide ... is a remarkably insightful and useful book that provides a depth and grounding for your own personal and professional decision-making.” John Sipple, Associate Professor, Cornell University

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CVES Mission Vision Core Beliefs

Strategic planning specifically for a BOCES

Have state and federal mandates drained the energy and passion from your BOCES? Is morale low? It doesn’t have to be that way. Reenergize your BOCES. Retake your future. Reengage, recharge and reinvest your faculty, staff and community. Articulate a new mission, vision and core beliefs. Set strategic targets. Articulate priorities, allocate resources, plan and execute.

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Make better decisions now

Reader testimonials and Amazon reviews are clear: the Eight Keys are simple, accessible, immediately useful and effective at improving your decision-making.

Is happiness your life’s goal?

I just want to be happy.”

“I just want my kids to be happy.”

“I wish I were happier.”

Lately, it seems I hear these comments often. But is happiness really the best goal in life?