Organizations often struggle through planning or decision-making. Planning teams experience conflict, fail to reach explicit agreement, become frustrated and finish drained. Prism’s clients are engaged, have fun, move quickly and reach consensus. They emerge refreshed, energized and committed to a plan that will take them from where they are to where they want to be. Solutions include strategic planning, multi-criteria and cost-benefit decision-making, and strategic resource allocation, among others.


Frustrated in a meeting? Trying to get a group to agree? It doesn't have to be that way. Prism's promise is to minimize unproductive discussion of disagreement and maximize productive discussion of disagreement. First, we use dynamic processes to leverage the creativity, knowledge and contribution of each member of the client team. Then, at each decision point, participants vote anonymously using Prism's Group Decision Support System™. They view the results immediately, make the decision and move forward aligned, with consensus.


Do you need to reach consensus for district and school strategic plans that ensure a clear focus on priorities and the optimal allocation of resources? Do you face a vexing facilities decision requiring many stakeholders to evaluate competing options and make a sound cost benefit decision for the good of the entire district? Prism provides the following performance improvement solutions for education: K - 12 school improvement planning, facilities planning, shared decision-making, and facilitation training, among others.

Web & Mobile Apps

Looking to standardize your decision-making processes? To put your data to work to make informed decisions? To have access to the information you need via your Android® device, iPhone® or iPad®? You can – using our custom application development services. Our simple, lightweight apps

> Solve a single, urgent problem, and are not burdened by unnecessary features or complexity.
> Deliver focused, actionable, real-time information to decision-makers at all levels — in a matter of weeks or months and not years.

Prism is a certified Apple® developer.